This is day 26 of 32. Throughout April, we will be posting daily. We invite you to learn about Chinese Muslims and pray with us for God’s glory to be made known among them. If you would like to read other posts in this series, you can find them here or download the prayer guide here.

Abraham is a Muslim-background believer (MBB) from an average Muslim family in China. He allowed us to interview him recently and share his story. He desires for people to understand more about Chinese Muslims and to pray intentionally and passionately for them. His real name and location are removed to protect his identity. This is part 4 of 7.

What persecution did you face after you began to follow Jesus?

men and carpetsLater on other friends came to find me and ask me to come to their Bible study and study with them. Before that I read by myself. After seven days of training, they told me I could join the group to study with others. I spent two years in that group. At the beginning the group itself didn’t impress me too much. Most were new believers. There were a few who were teaching. I think I liked the feeling of worshiping together and reading the Bible together. Every time I went there I had new knowledge gained through the Bible study. After two years I became a leader of the group. We learned how to share the Gospel with others, and I began to share as we were taught. They really challenged me to share with my friends. I was afraid, but I did share. I didn’t realize how dangerous it was. I had problems and troubles. The group was all Han and they didn’t understand my troubles.

I found out the differences between Han believers and myself. Some of my friends threatened to kill me if I ever talked like that again. Others said they would tell my parents in the village and tell all of my friends not to talk to me. Many decided to never talk to me again. Some agreed to talk with me but never talk about God. They didn’t want to listen. I was afraid that a bad thing would happen to me like an attack, or they would go tell everyone in my village.

I decided before this happened that I wanted to work for God, but at that point I realized I could not share with Muslims the way I learned. No one would listen, and maybe they might kill me. I thought about going far away where no one knew me. I never wanted to go home to my village or county. I could live somewhere else where there are Muslims.

I wanted to work for God, but in a safer place. So I looked at moving to another place, but then I didn’t have peace. I decided not to move. I asked God to not allow me to stay here but take me somewhere else. I had strange dreams. Through these dreams, I realized God was speaking to me. I decided to stay in my province and around my hometown.

Through my own experience, I realized that my hometown would not have a chance to hear because no one was going there to proclaim the Gospel. One day I was reading a testimony of a lady in Iran. I saw that God had a special plan for her. I wanted to know what my special plan was. I realized that I needed to go back and share with my people. I was the best qualified and understood their culture best. I needed to share in my hometown’s dialect.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Muslim-background believers (MBBs) like Abraham who desire to share the Gospel in their hometowns. Many have been threatened and removed from the community. Pray for God to open doors for them to clearly proclaim the Gospel to their families and hometowns.
  • Pray that God will give Han churches discernment to understand how to wisely help MBBs learn to proclaim the Gospel. Shared contextually, the Gospel is more clearly understood and MBBs are less likely to experience severe persecution.
  • Pray that God will strengthen the faith of MBBs as they face hardships and struggle with how and when to proclaim the Gospel to their families and friends.