Christmas in Costumes

Over 7,000 miles away from where the Hui people reside, a small group of ladies wanted to take part in sharing the Good News with this unreached people group. Meanwhile, our team was anticipating a busy Christmas season, full of festive parties and opportunities to share the Good News with big groups of people. These ladies got together and utilized their gifts of sewing and creativity to play their part in this endeavor. They formed ideas, cut patterns, and worked at their sewing machines to create costumes that represented each person of the Christmas story.

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Holidays with the Hui

A sweet Hui family, who own a hole in the wall restaurant, cooked up a special dish of “Big Plate Chicken” to serve on Thanksgiving evening to their foreign friends and special memories were made, deepening their relationship. Kiddos dressed up as angels and shepherds and heard the true story of Christmas while wearing costumes and having fun with their friends.

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Christmas – A Season for Proclamation!

How do you spend your Christmas? When do you start preparing and celebrating? Stores begin stocking their shelves with Christmas decorations the day after Halloween. Billions of dollars are spent on Christmas gifts the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas parties, tree lightning ceremonies and many other festive occasions fill up the schedules of many in the west.

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“And that’s why I know my sins are forgiven…”

“And that’s why I know my sins are forgiven.” I ended the gospel presentation. The Hui girl looked up at me. She had been very attentive as I explained the gospel. She then went on to explain her own opinion. I’ll summarize it for you:

“I don’t care.”

It wasn’t a mean-hearted apathy. It was just a content, blinded apathy. She was spiritually sick and dying and did not have any desire to seek healing.

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A Meal with the Hui

What is one thing, besides Islam, that Hui people are passionate about?


They love it. They make a big deal about it. Their holidays, celebrations, and even weddings revolve around it. My good friend spent three days cooking lamb for the wedding guests of her friend’s brother. Three days! And this was only one portion of the feast that was served at the celebration.

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How Should We Think?

The Hui are 15 million people who have no present hope. They have not heard the gospel. One Hui person dies every 5 minutes. By the time you read this article one more Hui soul will have left the world and plunged into eternal damnation with no second chances. This is heart breaking. We should feel broken for the Hui. We should have a real urgency which reflects our care for every last Hui soul. We should live sacrificially for the Hui, we should weep in prayer for the Hui and we should mourn for the Hui.

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Same, Same, But Different

Traveling in Southeast Asia, it is easy to find knock off name brands. From shoes and clothing to bags and electronics, look alike products are everywhere. Vendors insist that their products are the same as the real thing as they drive a hard sale. Customers insist that the products are in fact different as they negotiate for a good deal. This back and forth bargaining style and popularity of shopping for knock off goods has made “Same, Same, But Different” a popular slogan.

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The Growing Influence of Islam in China

The reality is that the influence of Islam is not growing in China now to the degree that it was. You often hear of stories of how it is difficult to follow Jesus in China. The truth is those same difficulties are beginning to exist for Muslims as well. It is easy to call yourself a Muslim, but it is becoming harder and harder to truly follow Islam without consequences especially if you work in the big cities and have a good job. 

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The Inevitable – Transition

Moving overseas increases the amount of transition that workers face on a regular basis. For many people who are working to see the Gospel go forth among the Hui, transition is a big part of life. For starters, many of us are transitioning to a completely new culture, a new language, new food, sights and smells. 

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Visa Problems – Part of Life Overseas

The more you travel internationally, the higher the likelihood you will experience the frustrations of getting, changing, or reapplying for a visa. Visas are a necessary part of living in many countries. This is also true if you work with the Hui in China. Visa problems can be especially stressful since delays or hiccups may cause you to unexpectedly leave the country, force you to change airline tickets, and even be rejected entry into the country.

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