Passing the Baton

The workers in our city are passionate about reaching the Hui with the Gospel. We are fortunate to be able to partner with a local Han church to accomplish this goal. We currently have a group of eight Han believers who meet together weekly to pray, study the Word, and encourage each other to share. We are excited that the Father has used us to give these believers a greater passion for sharing the Gospel with the Hui.  The last few weeks, we’ve started teaching them how to meet together and to lead the group themselves. Some workers in our city will go back to their home country in less than six months, so we wanted to prepare them for this by allowing them to take ownership of the group. Our desire is to see these believers continue to share and equip others to do the same even after we are gone. As we are leaving the work in the hands of others, it is with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen when we are gone. But it is a great encouragement to remember that our trust is not in people to carry on the work but rather in the One who began the work in the first place. It is God’s desire to reach the Hui, and it is His will that believers share the Gospel with all nations. He gives us the desire to share with the Hui and inspire others to do the same. So whether or not He decides to use this specific group of Han believers, He will accomplish His purpose. We can trust that His plan is good and that...
In One Asian City a Local Church Begins Engaging the Hui with the Gospel

In One Asian City a Local Church Begins Engaging the Hui with the Gospel

My coworker and I had lived in China just a few months before meeting a local sister who would eventually become our closest national partner. After a few months of personally discipling her, during which we shared our burden to reach the Hui with the Gospel, she offered to introduce us to her pastor. We excitedly agreed to meet with him. Hanging on the walls of his office were many maps: one of our city, one of China, and one of the Middle East. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the pastor himself had a heart to reach Muslims.

What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard?

What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard?

After our Bible study a Han Chinese girl came and sat on the couch next to me. I could see she had something heavy on her mind. She started explaining that China was not like America, something I had already noticed.

She said only 100 years ago in this country most people had never heard the good news about Jesus. She then asked, “When those people died, what happened to them?”

Wang and Li – Faithfully Serving God Among the Hui

Wang* and Li* grew up in areas of China where there are very few minorities. God has led them to live among the Hui and proclaim the Gospel. This is their story. I (Wang) grew up in a Christian family, and I heard the Gospel from a young age. My wife (Li) heard the Gospel from her grandmother and also came to believe at a young age. After we were married, God led us to move and live among Hui people. When we first arrived in this city, we were told that Hui had negative thoughts about all Han people. We were told they were cunning, so I avoided Hui people. However, after living in the city for a while, we heard from other believers how important it was to share the Gospel with minority peoples who have never heard. Other believers disicipled us and gave us a vision to share the Gospel with the Hui. Many Chinese believers talk about taking the Good News back to Jerusalem. Now, we have realized it is important to start by proclaiming the Gospel in Western China first to the Hui and other minority groups before we journey to other countries. God has given us a burden for the Hui. In the city, we were very afraid of the Hui at first, but we went out into villages and realized that Hui are very hospitable. The more we interacted with Hui people, the more we loved them and longed to share the Gospel with them. God quickly showed us that we do not need to fear the Hui. My wife grew up...

Li and Yi – One Couple’s Journey of Faith

It is Sunday, and the weather outside is getting colder and colder. It is snowing for the fourth time already this Winter. In their small but warm apartment, Li and Yi begin worshipping God together. They sing beautiful songs of praise. They open the Word and seek God. They pray and call out for the salvation of the Hui people. When they finish, they prepare a meal and eat quietly together. Li and Yi moved from their hometown to the Northwest more than a year ago. They left behind stable jobs and families. Their parents actually are furious they left a comfortable life to move to the West to proclaim the Gospel. Unfortunately, their parents do not follow Jesus. They cannot fathom why their kids are forsaking everything that is important in this world to live among the Hui. Li and Yi were sent out alone. For over a year now, they have lived among the Hui and sought to develop relationships, learn the culture and proclaim the Gospel. They even have opened a little business. It has not been very profitable, but their hope is that it will provide for their needs. Already, they have seen God provide when they did not know how much longer they would be able to survive. Friends have sent money to them at just the right moment even though they did not know Li and Yi’s desperate circumstances. Li and Yi have faith that God will provide. They take all their concerns to him in prayer and have witnessed God’s faithfulness. In their new city, the ground is hard. Hui are not...

Li Mei, Facing Persecution for Following Jesus

Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death, and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 10:21-22 ESV “I will not be able to see you any more. My niece’s business is in need of workers, so I am going to work there full time now.” That is all Li Mei said on the phone. After two years of seeing her almost daily, it seemed she was cutting off the relationship. She is “aunt” to our kids. They ask every morning if she is coming over. She has fulfilled many roles for our family from teacher to babysitter to friend to rent negotiator. More than all of that though, she is our sister in Christ. Several years ago, Li Mei professed faith in Jesus. She was studying the Bible, telling people about Jesus, and went to a local church a few times. However, the persecution quickly came. Li Mei is of Han descent. Her husband threatened to divorce her. Her oldest brother (the patriarch of the family) told her she could not believe in Jesus, but that she must follow Buddhism. When a Buddhist holiday came, she told her family she would not go worship her ancestors, and the threats increased significantly. Her brother threatened to cut her off from the family. Li Mei loves her family. She talks to her sisters almost daily, and they plan their outings days and weeks in advance. Family is important. She...