Christmas is a week away! Around the world Christmas trees are lit up full of shiny ornaments. Preparations are underway. Christmas parties are happening nightly. People are taking vacation days to prepare for Christmas or traveling home to celebrate with family. We like to think that everyone knows Christmas is coming! However, among the Hui there is little evidence that Christmas is about to arrive. A few stores may have a Santa Claus picture in the window. Big hotels may have Christmas trees. But there are no manger scenes. There will be no celebrations on December 25th. No one will take vacation. Christmas will come and go without most Hui realizing that it is the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Many followers of Jesus among the Hui probably are preparing to host Christmas parties. Likely they are inviting their Hui neighbors. However, it is also likely their neighbors will not come. Maybe they fear going to a home that they assume is not halal. Maybe they are uncomfortable around Jesus followers. Pray with us this week that Hui will be curious and go to Christmas parties this year. May they go and hear the story of the birth of Jesus. May they hear how Jesus loves them. May they also begin to celebrate with us that Jesus, our Savior, has come!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Hui will attend Christmas parties this year and hear about the birth of Jesus.
  • Pray God will lead many Hui to turn and follow Jesus this Christmas season and celebrate the birth of Jesus.