A mega-city. 1.5% percent Hui. And the Hui are definitely unreached … hardly any known believers. It’s a spiritually dark place.

One family is enough to reach all these people, right?


That’s what we do when we think about our task sometimes. We laugh. Because otherwise we might cry!

Then we stop laughing and get to work. And get-to-work. And by “get-to-work,” I mean we start praying. We pray fervently that God will show us where to start and what to do in this place where an overwhelming number of Hui are desperately lost without the hope that is found in Jesus.

And God is gracious. He hears our humble prayers and He shows us a way.

There are many things that we as individuals can do and we do those things – we get out in the community. We talk to people. We share the Gospel. But we know we cannot do it alone.

We pray for partners. For nationals and other workers who will walk alongside us, guide us, dream with us, pray with us and work with us.

And of course God makes a way yet again.

In the last month, God has provided so many opportunities to partner with people and we’re so excited we can barely contain it!

From the colleague who shares my classroom, to my high school classmate who’s come to teach at my school, to the college student who got connected to us from this very website, to teammates of friends, to fellow worshippers who want to commit to work with the Hui and partners in the States who commit to pray on a deeper level for us, God is providing partnerships to reach the Hui of this city.

Our vision is to see Christians planted all over this city like lighthouses for Him, shining His light of Truth to all the Hui in their path. As teachers, students, business men and women, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, husbands and wives, mothers and father, families following hard after God…anyone who is willing to chase away the darkness with the light of Jesus!

What about you? Could God be calling YOU to be a lighthouse among the Hui? We can use you and I’ll just be honest, we are praying for God to send you! =)

Written by Ruth Raines


Photo by Aubrey Dale