Engage the Hui – Adoption Overview Video

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In the Spring, we began a series of posts about how to Engage the Hui. Thanks to our friends at North Mountain Media, we now have a great adoption overview video.

We believe God is calling churches, families and individuals to engage the Hui by adopting an unengaged, unreached population segment among the Hui. There are thousands of cities, villages and rural areas where today no one is proclaiming the Gospel to the Hui communities in the area. If you are praying about engaging the Hui, please contact us so that we can share with you how your church can engage the Hui with the Gospel.

If God is leading you to engage the Hui, you do not need to try to do it alone. Many living among the Hui are available and willing to help. Resources have already been created that we are happy to share. For those of us living among the Hui, one of our prayer requests is for more workers and more churches to help us engage the Hui with the Gospel in more population segments because the Hui are such a large unreached people group (15 million) who live in thousands of different cities around the world.

Please click the links below to read more about our vision for how churches of all sizes can Engage the Hui with the Gospel.

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