Engage the Hui: Forsaking Comfort to Make the Gospel Known

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Pray4Hui.com provides stories and prayer requests to guide churches around the world as they pray for God’s saving power to be known among the Hui people. As people and churches pray for God to send workers into His harvest among the Hui, it is likely that some if not many who are praying begin to wonder how they can partner in proclaiming the Gospel among the Hui. 

Comfort is what we strive for in America. You are probably sitting on your couch on your computer or phone reading this post. You are most likely surrounded by the comforts of home and family. We strive for comfort. However, the Gospel is not about being comfortable. As a college student working with an evangelical church, I have learned what uncomfortable entails. It means discussing the saving power of Christ with strangers and acquaintances and risking rejection and alienation in the name of Jesus. However, as I have spent these past two weeks in China, lack of comfort has developed an entirely new meaning. Proclaiming the Gospel at home is extremely important, but the world is so much larger than your hometown. John 3:18 shows us that, “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe in him is condemned already.”  The Hui are a people group that currently stand condemned before God because of their Islamic heritage. This is why this adoption program is completely necessary, these people need Jesus. 

It is uncomfortable to come to a foreign country and proclaim the Gospel, especially to a people group that has practiced Islam for thousands of years. As I said before, the Gospel is not about comfort. Let’s think about this logistically, “Is this program accessible? Is it possible for your church to adopt a county or city and revolutionize that area through the saving grace of Christ?” The quick answer, “Absolutely!” You will not be alone in this journey. There are people in China right now who are prepared to join you. I have met these people. Their passion for the Gospel is overwhelming, but they also have extreme passion for the Hui. These families and individuals are living among the Hui, completely rejecting their comfort in order for the Gospel to go forth. These are partners that you will pray for and possibly work with. 

Now that you know this will not be a lone journey, what exactly will you be doing? Well the first and extremely important step in this process is prayer. Prayer for these people worshipping a false god, prayer for the missionaries in country who are purposely rejecting comfort in the name of Christ. The Hui experience a culture centered around prayer, but their breath is being raised to a false god. They desperately need your prayers. After prayer and plenty of planning and strategizing you will actually send people where I am sitting now or close by to directly interact with the Hui. I really love this step because there is not one set way to accomplish it. These teams can be based on the strengths of your church. The reality that you can match these trips to your talents and resources makes this program accessible to a church of any size or talent pool.

So now the next step, how effective will these actions be. Well first prayer is always effective. It is our direct line to an almighty God who is always listening. Second, the trips will be a concrete avenue to bring the Gospel to these lost people. In a culture where free help and aid are almost unheard of you will catch their attention and they will want to know why. Why are you helping them? You don’t even know them, you may not even speak Chinese. You could have absolutely nothing in common, yet you are showing them love. This is how God will shine to these people. They will see this all consuming love that they have never experienced. A love that is not present through endless prayer times and meaningless rituals. A love that stops them in their tracks and leads them to accept that Christ is God and Allah is nothing. A love that leads them to reject their culture, their family, their past in order to be adopted into a greater family that will never reject them. Your adoption of a city or county will be a catalyst for sleeping brothers and sister to be adopted into the family of Christ and embrace the all consuming love of God.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for God to raise up many churches around the world who will adopt Hui population segments and begin engaging those cities and counties with the Gospel.
  • Pray that Han churches will also begin to intentionally share the Gospel with the Hui living around them.
  • Pray for God to send more workers into His harvest among the Hui.


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