This is day 31 of 32. Throughout April, we will be posting daily. We invite you to learn about Chinese Muslims and pray with us for God’s glory to be made known among them. If you would like to read other posts in this series, you can find them here or download the prayer guide here.

group of womenXiao Ma* met the stranger in the elevator of her apartment building. At first she thought her to be Korean, but soon found out that the “foreigner” was actually a Han Chinese from the south who had just moved to her city. She warmly invited Meili* to visit her home.

A few days later, Meili knocked on her door and Xiao Ma’s mother answered, inviting her in for tea. Other relatives joined them and while they talked, Xiao Ma cooked some favorite local dishes. That night a friendship began between the newcomer and Xiao Ma’s family and has continued for many months.

They cook together, eat together and share together in each other’s homes — despite the fact that Meili is not a Muslim, but a follower of Jesus, and her home is thus considered “contaminated” by many. But though these new friends have overcome many outward differences, Meili’s road toward breaking down many other barriers to the Good News may be long and steep.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that barriers will be removed that hinder Chinese Christians from developing relationships with Chinese Muslims and sharing the Gospel.
  • Pray that Xiao Ma and her family will understand the Gospel and repent and follow Jesus; then share the truth about Jesus with their family and friends.

* name changed