“I was born this way”

The other day, I was having a conversation with a sweet Hui friend and was reminded of Lady Gaga (bear with me). It may seem like a weird connection, mostly because it is, but it just helped me to understand something, hopefully it will help you understand a little more too.

Let’s not dissect this comparison too much, but just see that when I hear Americans say things like “this is just how I am” or “my parents are Christians, so I guess I am too,” I cringe. I cringe because I know that the truth of the Gospel can set all of us free from the brokenness we are born into, that we don’t just embrace this brokenness but that there is freedom and restoration to be had. So my heart hurt when my friend told me, “Of course I’m a Muslim! I’m Hui.” No more explanation was given, because for the Hui, this is enough. Her ethnicity immediately binds her to Islam and in that bondage, she is discouraged from even considering what is truth.

Gaga’s song and my friends response reminded me that we are all born with a corrupt and sinful heart and bent toward eagerly believing the lies of the enemy. That, apart from Christ is a life of bondage and death. But, I was reminded of what the Word says about this. 2 Corinthians says that “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold the new has come.” The Gospel offers us freedom from this bondage and a new life with Jesus! But just like many Americans, my Hui friends are blinded to their state of sin and spiritual death and their great need for a Savior.

So, there are two things I see a need to pray for. First, is simply to pray for these sweet friends. Friends that are blind to truth. Friends that can’t see their need for a Savior. Friends that are enslaved to sin and death.

Second, I’ve felt the weight of needing more national workers with a heart for these people. There are precious brothers and sisters with a heart for these people but there is much work to be done and so few workers. Join me in asking the Father to raise up national brothers and sisters with this burden as well.