During the last two years as many have been praying, we know God is calling some churches, families and individuals to take another step and go. Going looks different for every person and church, but we can provide some information that will be helpful for everyone regardless of whether you are planning to move your family overseas or take a 10 day prayer walking trip among the Hui.

If God is leading you to engage the Hui with the Gospel you do not need to try to do it alone. Many living among the Hui are available and willing to help. Resources have already been created that we are happy to share. For those of us living among the Hui, one of our prayer requests is for more workers and more churches to help us engage the Hui with the Gospel in more population segments because the Hui are such a large unreached people group (15 million) who live in thousands of different cities around the world.


The Hui are spread across the largest country in the world by population and third largest by land mass. Statistics state that Hui are found in almost every county in China. According to 2000 census numbers, there are 51 counties or cities in China with more than 25,000 Hui residents. There are 11 counties or cities with more than 100,000 Hui residents. There are also 20 provinces in China with more than 100,000 Hui. Those numbers have likely grown since the year 2000, and we have not even begun to discuss the other countries where Hui currently live and work.

As we live among the Hui and consider how to engage the Hui with the Gospel in multiple population segments, we realize that we need the help of many churches. We are seeking churches who are willing to adopt a population segment of the Hui (rural area, town, city, or county) and begin engaging the Hui in that specific place with the Gospel.

It is not a complicated process to go from praying for the Hui to engaging the Hui. It can be broken down into five basic steps:

  1. Pray for the Hui as a Church
  2. Attend a Hui Summit
  3. Go on a Vision Trip
  4. Adopt a Hui Unengaged Population Segment
  5. Begin Engaging the Hui in Adopted Area

To help you pray through the possibility of adopting a specific population segment to engage, the resources below will explain what it will look like for your church to walk through the five steps above and partner with field workers to engage unengaged, unreached Hui population segments with the Gospel.

If you think of other topics and issues that you want us to address, please contact us. We will try to address all the important issues that can be addressed clearly without compromising the security of ongoing or future work among the Hui.

Unlikely Encounters Among Harvesters

We pray constantly for more workers to take the good news to the Hui. There are millions of Hui scattered across the entire country of China. Almost all of them have never had the opportunity to accept or reject Jesus as their Lord. As we look at the statistics and plan strategies we always come back to one main conclusion. We need more workers.

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In One Asian City a Local Church Begins Engaging the Hui with the Gospel

My coworker and I had lived in China just a few months before meeting a local sister who would eventually become our closest national partner. After a few months of personally discipling her, during which we shared our burden to reach the Hui with the Gospel, she offered to introduce us to her pastor. We excitedly agreed to meet with him. Hanging on the walls of his office were many maps: one of our city, one of China, and one of the Middle East. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the pastor himself had a heart to reach Muslims.

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Engage the Hui – Adoption Overview Video

In the Spring, we began a series of posts about how to Engage the Hui. Thanks to our friends at North Mountain Media, we now have a great adoption overview video.

We believe God is calling churches, families and individuals to engage the Hui by adopting an unengaged, unreached population segment among the Hui. There are thousands of cities, villages and rural areas where today no one is proclaiming the Gospel to the Hui communities in the area.

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Prayer Requests


  • Please pray for God to raise up churches around the world who will intentionally pray for the Hui and engage the Hui with the Gospel.
  • Please pray asking if God is calling you or your faith family to adopt an unengaged Hui population segment and begin proclaiming the Gospel in that location.
  • Please pray that during the next 3 years every unengaged population segment (city, county or province) with over 100,000 Hui residents will be adopted and Gospel proclamation will begin.
  • Please pray for unity among field workers and church partners. May we all work closely together to shine brightly for Jesus among the Hui.

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