My coworker and I had lived in China just a few months before meeting a local sister who would eventually become our closest national partner. After a few months of personally discipling her, during which we shared our burden to reach the Hui with the Gospel, she offered to introduce us to her pastor. We excitedly agreed to meet with him. Hanging on the walls of his office were many maps: one of our city, one of China, and one of the Middle East. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the pastor himself had a heart to reach Muslims. He had previously travelled to the Middle East in order to share the Gospel. We were amazed that God in his wisdom brought us together.

We began to work closely with his church and from this fellowship started meeting with a group of Han believers who were interested in sharing the Gospel with the Hui. We started meeting weekly to have a time of learning more about the Hui and how to share with them. Then, after the teaching, members of the group would go out in pairs to practice sharing with the Hui who own noodle shops in the area surrounding the university.

We are still meeting together weekly with a consistent group of 7-9 local brothers and sisters. Every week they go in pairs and share the Gospel with Hui people who own local noodle shops. They have received varying responses from the Hui with whom they have shared the Gospel including being forced to leave the shop, one lady who pretended to be unable to speak, and one owner who warmheartedly gave them their meal for free. Despite the sometimes negative responses, we are so excited to see our brothers and sisters faithfully sharing the Gospel with those who have never had the opportunity to respond to it before.
Prayer Requests
  • Praise God that the Gospel is being preached among the Hui and ask that He would lead us to those who are ready to receive the Gospel.
  • Pray God would send more laborers to reap the harvest among the Hui.
  • Pray the Spirit would come in power and bring the Hui in cities across Asia to salvation.
  • Pray our local coworkers will have the joy of seeing the fruit of many Hui in our city knowing and serving Christ.