Replacing Fear with Love

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lady on bikeAfter moving here, I began the daunting task of learning a new language so that I could communicate with the Hui I love about the One who loves them the most. I soon realized that God had given me a special gift. This gift was in the person of my tutor, Mei En.

Due to dire family circumstances, Mei En had to drop out of school in the 6th grade and begin working. Her brother and sisters all have had much better educational opportunities than she, but she never has a bitter word to say. She lovingly supports them in their endeavors and joyfully shares with others the difference that Jesus made in her family once her mother became a believer and led the rest of the family to Him.

Mei En’s love for the Lord shines in all she does: her willing attitude to help in any task, her love for others and her gratitude for the blessings He places in her life. She always has a question about a text she has read in the Bible, and we have a great competition going on in Bible memorization!

So when I first talked to her about the Hui and their need for Jesus, I was totally surprised when a look of fear overtook her face and she quickly replied, “No, I could never witness to a Hui. They might kill me!” Mei En is a Han believer and has only heard scary stories about Muslims.

Knowing that I could not change her mind, I began to pray that the Lord would change her heart and replace the fear with love.

As we continued to study together, opportunities arose where I could share more about the Hui – who they are, what their beliefs are and most importantly, their need for hope in Jesus.

Little by little, Mei En started showing an interest in the Hui. The fear on her face when she thought about meeting a Hui dissipated. As time moved on, she even began asking me questions, but her interest was mainly in learning about the Hui and their need for Him. I continued praying that this interest would turn into a love for the Hui and a deep desire to see them come to Christ.

One day, we happened to stop at a Hui noodle shop for lunch. Mei En was a little nervous as we walked in and sat down, but then all of the sudden, a look of shock came over her face.

In front of us was an 11-year-old girl who waits tables at this Hui noodle shop. Mei En had never met a Hui person before, and the first one she did meet was a sweet little girl who had to drop out of school just like her, so she could help support her family.

Mei En’s heart changed that day in that noodle shop. All of our conversations about the Hui – who they are and why they need Jesus – paled in comparison to seeing this young girl and her family. She saw their faces, saw them living in a place that prominently noted their allegiance to Allah and her heart broke over their need for a Savior.

The next week, she arrived a little late for our class because she made a trip back to that noodle shop.  She wanted to bring a gift to the little girl because of the upcoming holiday and used that as a way to begin building a relationship with her.

She looked so excited and so nervous as she shared her news with me, but I was struck by her countenance; it just glowed with the radiance of the Lord. He had helped her overcome her fear of the Hui and replaced it with a love – a love that wants to share the Greatest Love of All, her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Mei En that God will use her to share the Gospel with many Hui.
  • Pray for Han believers that God will help them to replace their fear of the Hui with love for the Hui.