Yurbina: Reaching the Nations to Reach the Nations

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Chinese Church, Harvesters, Hui, People Profiles, Women | 1 comment

lady praying in mosqueGod called us to Asia with a burden for the Hui. Since we arrived we have intentionally shared our burden for Muslims with our local partners. God has blessed us with the opportunity to disciple and befriend a sister, Rebecca.  She has watched us serve a neighboring Hui family who own a local noodle shop as well as share the Gospel with them. We’ve talked with her about the importance of reaching the unreached. She has become a close friend and has picked up our passion to share with Muslim people groups in East Asia. Having such a humble and teachable heart, she quickly began sharing the Gospel with Hui and other Muslims in and around her school.

Recently, she saw a Muslim girl on her school campus, named Yurbina, wearing a head scarf. She approached her and started a conversation that eventually led to the Gospel. Yurbina was interested to hear more, so we agreed to help Rebecca do a Bible study with her. It was exciting to see Yurbina study the Bible, but it was even more exciting to see Rachel take over the Bible study, which we intended to teach, and teach it herself. Together we studied how the world was created and how humans sinned against God, dishonoring their Creator. We also showed her how God graciously provided a way to cover human shame. This was the first sacrifice to cover human sin. We then explained that Jesus was the last sacrifice God made, the perfect sacrifice that he promised would crush the head of the serpent and the effects of sin and death. The same story we had taught her, Rebecca was now teaching to others.

What does this have to do with reaching the Hui? The answer is in examining the heart that God planted in Rebecca. Before we met her she had no understanding of the Hui and no desire to share with them. Then, God grew in her a budding passion for the Hui, which, in its season, blossomed into a desire to share with other Muslim people groups. Next we look forward to the time, as God continues His work in her, when her heart will yearn to carry the Gospel to all nations. It is hearts like Rebecca’s that God will use to spread his kingdom to all peoples, including to the Hui of China.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray those working to reach the Hui will be faithful to pass on their burden for the unreached to their local brothers and sisters.
  • Pray for more like Yurbina who are open to hear about God and his forgiveness.
  • Pray for more like Rebecca who are burdened for all of those from every nation who have not yet heard.
  • Praise God for using the weak things of the world to do amazing things to bring himself glory.