Choosing to Identify as Hui

Choosing to Identify as Hui

“What minzu (people group) are you?” As he stood in the identification card office, he was a taken back by the question. Normally you don’t choose your people group, this is determined at birth. This was the question asked to my friend’s parents back in the Cultural Revolution. They were part of the population who were sent to western provinces to learn from the farmers. “Hui,” he answered with a smile. Finally, he fully identified with his new found religion. Their Han heritage was no longer what they clung to. They were now Hui.

Samuel Zwemer’s Prayer for Muslims

On his blog at TGC, Kevin DeYoung posted the following prayer by Samuel M. Zwemer (1867-1952), who is known as “The Apostle to Islam”:

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, who hast made of one blood all nations and hast promised that many shall come from the East and sit down with Abraham in thy kingdom: We pray for thy prodigal children in Muslim lands who are still afar off, that they may be brought nigh by the blood of Christ. Look upon them in pity, because they are ignorant of thy truth.

History of the Silk Road

Most Hui came to China along the Silk Road and huge clusters still live along the old trade routes. Shannon Harris Castelo in a TEDEd video offers a short history of the Silk Road and how it connected societies around the world and facilitated the exchange of ideas and goods. HT: Silk Road Cataylst...

The Hui of Ningxia

Youtube has a few videos that provide a helpful introduction to Chinese Muslims. In this post we will highlight an episode of Rediscovering China that aired on CCTV9 called “Unveiling the Hui Life.” The whole episode can be watched at this link, or you can watch most of the episode in the embedded videos below.

Raymond and Mona Joyce – Missionaries to the Hui (1946-51)

From 1946-1951, Raymond H. Joyce and his wife Mona Miller Joyce lived in Yunnan among the Hui. In 1996, Mona Miller Joyce was interviewed about her life and work. What follows are two quotations from the transcripts regarding their work among the Hui. There were a few people doing work among the Muslims. There are two couples actually. I remember Raymond sending out a prayer call for two weeks of prayer for the Muslims of Yunnan. Every year we set aside two weeks and we encouraged people to join us in prayer. I think it shook many people up to realize that the Muslims were being bypassed, which happened very easily. They were not easy people to meet. They are easy in many ways to preach the Gospel to because you have so many bridges to do that. That does not mean conversion is easy. Towards the end of the Joyce’s time in China, their freedom began to be significantly limited by the authorities until they were expelled in 1951. Mona Joyce shares about how they continued to minister even while under house arrest. The last stage of our time there when they began to shut us in, Ray said, “Okay.” I said, “What are we going to do with all this literature?” He had stacks of literature. And then he said, “Oh, we’ll mail it out.” … The postmaster was great that way. So he made up about two hundred packages of stuff. And in each one Raymond had sent a letter to the Imam. We sent all these packages to the Imams in different provinces where there were...