This is day 29 of 32. Throughout April, we will be posting daily. We invite you to learn about Chinese Muslims and pray with us for God’s glory to be made known among them. If you would like to read other posts in this series, you can find them here or download the prayer guide here.

Abraham is a Muslim-background believer (MBB) from an average Muslim family in China. He allowed us to interview him recently and share his story. He desires for people to understand more about Chinese Muslims and to pray intentionally and passionately for them. His real name and location are removed to protect his identity. This is part 7 of 7.

How can people pray for you and your family?

ahongPray especially for my parents that they will one day say, “I want to become like you.” I have tried to tell my father, but he always stops me. If I tell him, he will find a story that contradicts the story I share. For example, Jesus didn’t die on the cross. Judas did. Pray that God will prepare my parent’s hearts to listen and believe.

Pray for my security as I talk to other people and work. Pray that there will not be any big difficulties in the work I am doing. Also pray that people will join us in the work. Pray that others from my people group will believe and join me in the work.

How do you encourage people to pray for MBBs?

Pray that they will have understanding in these areas. How do I identify myself? How can I be a believer but still be Hui? What can I still do that is part of my culture that doesn’t contradict Jesus’ teaching? It is very hard to not be Muslim and stay in my community. I feel very lonely.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that God will give MBBs wisdom about how to identify themselves in their hometowns and to other Muslims.
  • Pray that God will show them what parts of Hui, Salar and Dongxiang cultures they can keep as they follow Jesus and what parts must be discarded.
  • Pray that God will provide MBBs with community. They long to not be the only one.