As we sat on her lumpy sofa, eating fruit and drinking tea, we explained the Easter story to my sweet, elderly Hui neighbor. We explained that God sent Jesus to Earth and that Jesus lived a perfect life; He never sinned. We told her about His death on the cross and about His resurrection. We explained to her that for everyone who believes He was the perfect sacrifice, and for everyone who asks for forgiveness of their sins, He is faithful and will forgive them. He is the only One who can make us right with God; salvation isn’t based on the good we do, as many believe, but on what Jesus has already done on the cross. Belief in Him and in His power to save – That is how we can know we’ll go to heaven and be with God forever.

At that, my neighbor stopped chewing her pear and, looking straight at us, said, “No, you can’t!”

“Sorry, we can’t what?”

Again, but with a little more fire, she said, “You can never know if you will go to heaven; it’s impossible!” We assured her again that we have no doubt we’ll go to heaven and be with God forever, but she responded still, “You don’t know; you can’t know!”

Please pray for these Hui women; they pray five times a day, they fast at Ramadan, they save all their money with the hope of one day taking the hajj to Mecca. They do all this in an effort to increase their chances of going to heaven, but they don’t know for sure if all that they do is really enough. Please pray that God will help them see that there is a way to know, that Jesus is that Way.